Kitchen Design Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Published on 09/10/2020
Kitchen Design Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Kitchen Design Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Designing a room for optimal functionality is no easy feat. This is especially true for kitchens as they’re rooms that get used in the most complex ways, what with cooking and baking. It only makes sense that you want your kitchen to look good while also being a room that’s useful to you. It’s a balance that can be challenging to achieve but possible all the same. We’ve found some great ways to design your kitchen while making it more practical and easy to use.

Over The Sink Cutting Board

Save precious counter space while cooking or baking by getting an over-the-sink cutting board. Essentially, it’s a cutting board that’s meant to fit over the sink. Aside from saving on counter space, you’ll be able to prevent fruits and vegetable peels from creating a mess on the kitchen counter, which will save time cleaning after.

Label Things

A great way to organize your kitchen is by labeling things. In addition, you can customize the labels you make to match your aesthetic and room decor to make it all look put-together. This way, you’ll be able to store ingredients in jars which will also make everything look more cohesive in the kitchen.

Drawer Inserts

One issue with keeping a kitchen drawer organized is using the space ineffectively. Too often people just throw in all their kitchen utensils and tools in a drawer without thinking about it properly. Use drawer inserts to sort all your utensils and cooking tools to make things more organized. Of course, this will make everything more accessible and easier to find as well.

Add A Shelf Over The Sink

A good solution for saving more space on the counter is by adding a shelf over the sink. You’ll be able to place little things you need easy access to.

Hang Up Your Mugs

Instead of crowding a cabinet with all your mugs, install a few racks on a wall and hang them up. Aside from saving you space inside the cabinet, you’ll have easier access to all your mugs, meaning that you’ll use them all rather than your three favorite ones you tend to rotate between. Of course, it will make the room looks so much more homey and cozy.

Moveable Island

This goes without saying, but we can use some more counter space in the kitchen from time to time. If you’re more of an avid cook or baker, you’ll relate even more. Even if you already have a built-in kitchen island, you can always purchase another kitchen island on wheels to whip out anytime you need the extra workspace. Whenever you aren’t using it, you can use it as a design element in the room – place a plant or two on it and put it by the wall to keep it out of the way.

Functional Decor

If you have all kinds of kitchen tools such as rolling pins and clunky wooden utensils, you can use them for your kitchen design instead of stashing them all away in a drawer. By hanging them up on the wall somewhere accessible, it will save you space as well as time searching for them whenever you need to use them. Not to mention, doing this will add a rustic touch to the design of the room.