Renovation Mistakes Homeowners Can Easily Avoid

Published on 07/16/2020

Planning to renovate or remodel your home is one exciting project but can be a huge task. Most people dive headfirst into home remodeling without doing extensive research or organization. Whether you are a first time home remodeler or a pro at this type of work, there’s always a chance that something big or small can go wrong. Knowing which mistakes to easily avoid can be a massive help, especially in the long run. So here’s a look at a handful of renovation mistakes homeowners like you can effortlessly avoid.

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Renovation Mistakes Homeowners Can Easily Avoid

Crooked Wallpaper

For people who take on home renovations themselves, one of the biggest mistakes they tend to make is applying wallpaper that is not straight. It only takes one skew piece to put the entire room off. The best advice we can give is to take it down and start afresh. There’s nothing worse than working into a room with a pattern-decorated wall that is totally off. We’re all for DIY but make sure it’s done correctly!

The New Showerhead & Toilet Are Leaking

This is more of a common mistake that can happen if your renovations are DIY, however, this doesn’t mean that it cant happen if you hire a professional contractor. The reason why new fixtures in the bathroom like toilets or faucet leak is because the old sealing materials, such as plumber’s putty, threaded seal tape, or the wax ring under the toilet, have not been removed. The best is to uninstall the fixture, remove all traces of old sealants and then go ahead and reinstall with a fresh sealant or silicon. You wouldn’t want to have completed all the remodeling, move in, and then have to deal with bathroom leaks.

Not Asking For References

For people who opt not to go the DIY route and prefer hiring professionals to assist, you need to get as many recommendations as possible. Don’t simply hire individuals on the basis of them being cheap or more convenient. Another good tip is to visit previous worksites and clients of contractors or designers you wish to hire.

Paint Color Is Too Bright or Dark

There’s nothing worse than painting an entire room a color that you thought you loved but turns out you actually hate. Although there are many things that can be done to fix the ‘mess’, this can be costly and highly time-consuming. We recommend that you by samples or color swatches for several areas of the house before deciding on a color.

Not Asking Enough Questions

This is often a big mistake many people make…they don’t ask enough questions! You need to ask as many questions as possible – no question is ever dumb or ridiculous. Regardless, it’s your money, you deserve to know what you’re spending on for the perfect home. Never feel bad, especially if you don’t understand something! Whether you’re doing the remodeling on your own or hiring professionals, make sure to get all the necessary information. Be sure to avoid the mistake of not knowing!